How to Save Time & Money at the Outlets

Shopping at an outlet mall can be a challenge. There are so many great stores to visit, but you may only have a day or even a few hours to shop. Your shopping trip can become overwhelming if you have not devised some sort of plan before you arrive.

Once you decide on which outlet mall you are going to visit – Here are some helpful strategies to help you get the most of your time and money.

Go to the Outlet Mall Website
Many outlet malls will have a listing of sales and special upcoming events listed on their website. You can get the inside scoop of the best dates to shop and which stores are having the best sales.

Join the Preferred Shopper Program
Many outlet malls have some type of Preferred Shopper Program. Sign up is usually free, and the benefit is priceless. Once you are a member, you can get exclusive online coupons, insider info from your favorite brands, email updates with info on sales and special events, and much more.

Print out a listing of the Sales & Events
Each outlet center usually lists sales and events along with in-store promotions. Even if you sign up for the Shopper Program, you should also check this page for a listing of all the sales going on at the outlet mall.

Make a list of what you need to purchase and the stores you want to visit
Often times, people become overwhelmed when they arrive at the outlet mall, so it is easier to have a list to refer to rather than having to rely solely on your memory.

Print Center Map & Store Listings
Before you go to the mall, print out a map of the outlet center and locate the stores you are planning to visit; this will help you to determine the best area to park (so you will not have to walk as far).

Plan the order of the stores you want to visit
It is best to shop for the lighter items first. Once you have an idea the order of the stores you are going to visit, plan to park near the last store you visit. It is easier to walk a longer distance when you first arrive and have more energy, than when you are ready to leave and have to carry the weight of 10 shopping bags.

Eat Before Your Leave
Make sure you eat a good breakfast before you go to the mall. You want to make sure you have enough energy to shop, and you don’t want to waste valuable shopping time getting something to eat.

Make your first stop the “Visitor’s Center”
The Visitor’s Center usually has a variety of information about the outlet mall, including a map for the center, a listing of stores that are having special sales, and coupon books. Some offer discount coupons to various groups (i.e. senior citizens, AAA card members, etc.). There should be information about this on the outlet mall website, so you can check in advance to see if you are eligible.

Happy Bargain Shopping!!